Hair follicle DNA profiling

14 markers - quick results!

100% accuracy


Hair follicle sampling is quick, easy and the results are 100% accurate. No veterinarian is needed which saves time and money. After the sample is collected you fill out and print a simple form and send it to the lab. Watch the entire process in the video below.

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CIS members have access to one of the easiest and most reliable DNA profiling systems in the world. We have re-established a non-profit Science based identification system, with the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL). VGL is considered the leading animal DNA parentage verification laboratory in the world.

CIS members also have access to software that allows them to view their herd in a family tree format and update lineage and offspring records on-the-spot.

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Who's Your Daddy (or Mommy)?
At CIS we know and can prove this with 100% accuracy. A recent article released by ARI talks about how DNA markers can be unrealiable. This is not the case with the markers used by CIS.

Stefanie Oppenheim, PhD of the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis comments on this recent article: "We do not see the scenario discussed (in the ARI article) when working with the CIS samples. When there is more than one possible sire presented, the qualifier is typically clear using the primary panel.

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